Buying and selling a house can be a complicated and emotional experience for some people. They may have trouble understanding what they will have to do and how to handle the feelings of buying their first home or selling the old family home. As a real estate agent, part of your responsibility is to explain things so the buyer and seller understand the process of selling and buying a home and to calm the fears and anxieties that can come the leaving an old home behind or arriving at a new home with all the responsibilities that come with home-ownership. Using personal stories from others on your website who have been through the process of selling and buying homes can help your customers relax and feel comfortable with the process. Here is how personal stories can help ease the anxieties of your real estate customers and help your business grow.

They Won't Feel Alone

Many people feel alone when making life-changing decisions, and hearing from others who have been through the same thing can help them understand what they are going through and thinking is a normal part of the home selling and buying experience. The regret of giving up the family home where your children were raised from infancy through to their college years can be traumatic. Hearing from others on how they experienced and faced their trauma of saying goodbye to a beloved house can help people say goodbye to their house on their terms.

Learning Exercises

Homeownership is rife with new responsibilities. All of a sudden it's your job to fix the sink, clean the gutters, and check the house for damage after a storm. This can be a daunting task for someone who isn't skilled and trained in home repair projects. Stories from other not-so-handy homeowners can let the person know that everything will be all right. The new homeowner can even learn how to fix simple things around the house by visiting your website. Most importantly, the not-so-handy repairman can also tell others who aren't so good at fixing things around the home about your website - which  will help to get your name out to more people which can lead to further real estate opportunities.

Stories Help Your Business

Adding personal stories to your website can add value to your business to make it grow. Personal stories can be used to target specific segments of your market (e.g., empty-nesters and first-time home buyers). They can also help attract new customers searching to buy or sell a home in your area to your site looking for information on to handle certain emotions and responsibilities. These new visitors to your website get a chance to become familiar with you are and can make them feel more comfortable about calling you for assistance.

Where to Find Stories

The best stories come from your satisfied customers who can relate to the challenges of moving and are willing to share their personal experiences. However, you can also find stories through online real estate web content service companies if you don't have any customers who want to share their experiences.