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Three Award Winning Movies Based On Novels Set In World War 2

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If you love to read novels about World War 2 and are also a lover of well made cinematic adaptions, then you are in luck. There are quite a few excellent films based on novels set in World War 2. You can go back to the great films such as From Here To Eternity, The Bridge On The River Kwai, or The Caine Mutiny. However, there are also really great modern novels and cinematic adaptions to consider. Below is a list of three excellent novels that have all been turned into award winning films. Atonement This was the World War 2 drama that brought Keira Knightly to worldwide prominence. The novel is about an accusation a young girl makes during a family dinner party. It forever changes the course of two people’s lives. The young girl misunderstands what she witnesses between two people, exaggerates it, and the result is that an innocent man is sent to jail. The time jumps to World War 2, and we follow the people affected by the lie: one a nurse (the young girl’s sister), one the accused man, now released from jail and fighting at the Battle of Dunkirk. The English Patient The English Patient centers on a man suffering from burn injuries who cannot completely remember his past. He is recuperating in a monastery in Italy and being cared for by a young nurse. He has her read to him from an book of Ancient Greek History. Slowly, he begins to recount his tale to the nurse. He was a cartographer working in North Africa during World War 2. He became involved with a married woman. Her husband became incensed and attempted to kill all three, yet he only succeeded in killing himself and severely injuring the wife. The protagonist had to then try to save the wife. Something happened to him during this attempt which left him burned and without memory, but he is able to remember the events towards the end of the novel/film. Empire Of The Sun This novel was set in Shanghai and is about a young English boy who is taken and placed into an internment camp by the Japanese. The young boy was played by the actor Christian Bale. The plot centers on Bale’s character trying to navigate the internment camp during the events that proceeded Pearl Harbor. The English and other European people who were in Shanghai were rounded up and placed in the Lunghua Civilian Assembly Centre. Towards the end of the novel, the army of Japan begins to collapse, and panic starts to break out. People begin to die of starvation and there are outbreaks of violence. If you want to read more books on World War 2, check out a writer like Frances Patton...

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Making Side Wages Buying And Selling Books Online

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Online book stores provide buyers with a wide range of new and used books at very fair prices. Many people are taking advantage of this by buying and selling used books online for a little extra money. Here’s how anyone can get started in this cash-making venture. Turning Those Used Books Into Real Cash The trick with selling books online for money is to be persistent. One expert estimates that they make about $4-5 in profit per book by scouring various online shops, using book value apps to discover how much it is worth, and selling it to the shops offering the most money. This will require a little research, but it can be a fun way to make a little money on the side. For example, even if a book buyer makes only $25 extra every day from their book buying and selling venture, they would still be making an extra $600 a month if they sold 20 days a week. While not a livable wage, it could serve as gas money or even help a person save up for an exciting vacation overseas. Buying Books In Bulk Can Be A Good Option Anyone interested in buying and selling books online for money needs to consider whether buying in bulk is a good idea. Bulk shops will package up a large number of used books and send them to a buyer for next to nothing. This is a very tempting idea because it will increase their potential library quickly and efficiently. However, buying in bulk can be a bad idea if the buyer has no choice over the books being sent. Ending up with a huge catalog of cookbooks or generic romantic novels is going to end up likely more of a burden then a benefit. While it’s possible to make a few dollars on each book, the time spent sorting through them for the good ones may make it less effective. Buying individual books that are worth more is typically a better approach. Where To Buy Books Online There are a large number of places that potential book buyers could look to get inexpensive used books for their needs. Online book shops are great because they allow a larger number of people to sell books directly to the store, creating a constantly shifting marketplace. Each book shop is bound to have their own unique catalog, making it worthwhile to check out multiple online book shops. Try to find books that are interesting to a large number of people or which may be worth money. For example, the Harry Potter book series is still popular and it might be possible to sell a few copies at a profit of a few dollars. The large number of available Potter books will limit profits, but the demand is high. While buying and selling books online isn’t likely to make anybody rich overnight, it can be a fun way to make a little extra money. It can also be a fun way to expand a personal library and learn more about the literary world without making a huge monetary investment. For more tips on how you can buy and sell books online, check out Books...

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3 Ideas For Including Long Riddles Into Your Home Schooling Curriculum

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If you have recently had trouble coming up with new ways to keep your kids interested in their homeschooling activities, it is a good idea to consider the use of long riddles. They can be a fun way to work on spelling, grammar, and speech. If you are intrigued by the idea of using long riddles as part of a home education plan, the following information will be quite helpful. #1-Turn Some Of The Words In A Long Riddle Into Spelling Words For Advanced Language Discussions It is important to point out that a long riddle can provide spelling words to children of different ages. Whether it is a kindergartner who is just learning to link letters together to form very short words or your high school student who is preparing to take the SAT’s, a single long riddle can function as an ideal teaching tool. An extension of that idea could be discussing synonyms, homonyms and antonyms of the words within the riddle. Doing so could be an easy way to share knowledge amongst your children. #2-Use A Long Riddle To Teach Grammar Long riddles can be a fun way to teach grammar and fortunately, there are multiple options to choose from. For example, you can choose a long riddle that already has grammatical mistakes and ask your children to identify and correct them. If you cannot find an appropriate riddle that has the necessary grammatical errors, you could change the words of an existing long riddle to make them grammatically incorrect. Each child can be given the opportunity to detect the errors and change them. If you have several children who are being homeschooled, this would also be a good time to compare and contrast the changes that each child makes, in order to encourage improved activity. #3-Reciting Long Riddles To Encourage Public Speaking It has been estimated that in recent years, about 3% of children in the United States are homeschooled. However, it has also been estimated that up to 75% of adults have a fear of public speaking. Although the number of kids who are afraid of speaking in public are unknown, it is obvious that many children are likely to have a similar phobia and some of those children will be homeschooled. Fortunately, by choosing a series of funny long riddles and asking your children to practice them until they know them word-for-word, you may find that it is possible for your child to more effectively manage their uneasy feelings. In addition, since even a long riddle is unlikely to be more than a page or two, reciting it in front of a non-judgmental audience such as parents and/or siblings, can allow your child to gradually become more comfortable with public speaking. In conclusion, it is easy to forget how useful long riddles can be for the homeschooled child. If you are looking for new information and ideas on introducing long riddles to your kids as part of a homeschooling curriculum, it will be a good idea to be aware of the ideas listed above.  ...

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Personal Stories About Buying And Selling A Home Can Help You And Your Customers

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Buying and selling a house can be a complicated and emotional experience for some people. They may have trouble understanding what they will have to do and how to handle the feelings of buying their first home or selling the old family home. As a real estate agent, part of your responsibility is to explain things so the buyer and seller understand the process of selling and buying a home and to calm the fears and anxieties that can come the leaving an old home behind or arriving at a new home with all the responsibilities that come with home-ownership. Using personal stories from others on your website who have been through the process of selling and buying homes can help your customers relax and feel comfortable with the process. Here is how personal stories can help ease the anxieties of your real estate customers and help your business grow. They Won’t Feel Alone Many people feel alone when making life-changing decisions, and hearing from others who have been through the same thing can help them understand what they are going through and thinking is a normal part of the home selling and buying experience. The regret of giving up the family home where your children were raised from infancy through to their college years can be traumatic. Hearing from others on how they experienced and faced their trauma of saying goodbye to a beloved house can help people say goodbye to their house on their terms. Learning Exercises Homeownership is rife with new responsibilities. All of a sudden it’s your job to fix the sink, clean the gutters, and check the house for damage after a storm. This can be a daunting task for someone who isn’t skilled and trained in home repair projects. Stories from other not-so-handy homeowners can let the person know that everything will be all right. The new homeowner can even learn how to fix simple things around the house by visiting your website. Most importantly, the not-so-handy repairman can also tell others who aren’t so good at fixing things around the home about your website – which  will help to get your name out to more people which can lead to further real estate opportunities. Stories Help Your Business Adding personal stories to your website can add value to your business to make it grow. Personal stories can be used to target specific segments of your market (e.g., empty-nesters and first-time home buyers). They can also help attract new customers searching to buy or sell a home in your area to your site looking for information on to handle certain emotions and responsibilities. These new visitors to your website get a chance to become familiar with you are and can make them feel more comfortable about calling you for assistance. Where to Find Stories The best stories come from your satisfied customers who can relate to the challenges of moving and are willing to share their personal experiences. However, you can also find stories through online real estate web content service companies if you don’t have any customers who want to share their...

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The Three Most Important Aspects To A Great Detective Novel

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What do the famous names of Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Hercule Poirot, the Hardy Boys, and Philip Marlowe have in common? It certainly isn’t their age or background, which range from a 16-year-old high school graduate (Nancy Drew) to an older man living in the late 19th century (Sherlock Holmes). While their ages and professions vary greatly, they all hold together one common thread: each of the aforementioned characters are great detectives in famous novels. Whether you’re a fan of the mystery genre in general (attempting to stay one step ahead of the main character to solve the mystery on your own while reading) or a writer hoping to write your first detective novel, knowing what aspects set the best mystery novels stories apart from others is key: Is the Adversary a Worthy Opponent? Take a moment to reflect on the villains of some of your favorite detective stories, the capers they pulled off, and the evil that emanated from the pages they appeared upon. In most stories you can think of, it’s likely that the villain was a worthy opponent of the protagonist, a challenge to be overcome over the span of the entire book (and potentially sequels). Can you imagine if the main criminal in the story was a weak and measly character, easily overcome with a simple call to the police? If that were the case, the story would be over within one chapter. One of the most important keys to a detective novel that drives the story forward is the powerful malevolence of the villain, who must be a worthy opponent for the main character. Is the Crime at Hand Significant? Let’s face it: nobody wants to read a full novel about the crime of the missing hamburger at the Memorial Day cookout. That’s not the kind of story you’ll tell your friends or write a rave review about after reading, because it’s simply not a compelling story. The reality is, a fascinating crime within a detective novel must be significant and irreversible– something like murder or theft on a large scale. If the crime is too small or insignificant, it simply will be too small and insignificant for a great detective to solve (and honestly, too boring for readers). Are the Clues All Available? After the scene is set and the plot is moving forward, it’s important to make sure that all of the clues to solving the mystery are laid out and available to not only the fictional detective, but the reader as well. Ensuring that the reader has all of the clues is important because it puts the reader into the story– they are no longer just sitting by and reading about the situation on the page but actively involved in their minds in determining who is responsible and how it...

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